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This site endeavours to promote both the theoretical and practical aspects of philosophy. There is of course a division between philosophical theoria and philosophical praxis, the former typically practiced in universities by academics involved in various intellectual pursuits and the latter, the fruitful application of these intellectual pursuits in the form of therapy, various kinds of consultation, social criticism and activism. It is the contention here that both aspects of philosophy are mutually beneficial and intrinsic to the pursuit of wisdom and it is hoped that this website may serve to facilitate through dialogue, presentations and notifications the full dimension of philosophy understood most clearly as contemplatives in action.

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Plato added a video. 5 years ago

J.U.S.T. - Breaking the Cycle

Jesuit University Support and Training (J.U.S.T.) Ballymun, Dublin (Ireland) - a short documentary by Renata Fitzpatrick, Muiris Dooge and Nicola...

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